Transform workforce learning, engagement and performance

Empower floor workers, increase performance and boost operational efficiencies. Blossom helps you manage training, compliance and operations in a single, seamlessly integrated solution.


Why manufacturing organisations choose Blossom

Distributed workforces, often with different regulations and spoken languages, makes compliance monitoring and certification a challenge, not to mention general skills-based training and competencies.

A reliance on just-in-time training when working with new or complex machinery and a lack of access to personal workstations, also puts a heavy requirement on support for factory floor/line workers to ensure they can perform safely and effectively in their roles.

Drive operational excellence

Blossom’s API allows seamless integration with any MRP, SCM or shop floor control software, allowing you to plan and manage projects efficiently to meet production deadlines, as well as managing on-the-job training and staying on top of performance goals, budgets, qualifications and personnel evaluations – all in multiple languages.

  • Simplify processes
  • Increase compliance
  • Boost engagement

Before Blossom, it was very complicated and time-consuming tracking and managing training for our teams, as well as onboarding new employees. This problem has been alleviated with Blossom. It has saved time for managers now with a much faster and more efficient system.  It has also saved us money since we used to invest a lot in third-party tutorials, which managers can now create themselves conveniently within Blossom.

Doron Batsir

Doron Batsir

365 Implementer IT Department, Plasson Ltd.

Accelerate onboarding

Accelerate onboarding

Get new hires up to speed faster with on-the-job training, coaching tools and external user capabilities that allow workers to start their learning journey even before they join.

From machine operators, specialist engineers and quality controllers, to production managers, and back-office teams, Blossom’s intuitive and easy-to-use interface helps employees get settled, sooner.

Learn more about Onboarding

Remain compliant & simplify auditing

Keep on top of compliance training, certification and audits with automated notifications and reminders that remove the reliance on manual processes, and reports highlighting areas of concern.

Blossom helps factory, field and office workers stay on top of regulatory change and skills, and ensures employees have the information, training and support they need to operate safely and effectively.

Learn about Blossom for Compliance

Streamline operations

Automate administrative processes and synchronise with material resource planning (MRP) and supply chain management solutions with dynamic forms and API.

Take the strain off production managers and support teams and transform the way you manage resources, communication and training, with staff, suppliers and other external contractors.

Learn more about Blossom API

Improve productivity

Benchmark production goals, identify production line bottlenecks and optimise work processes.

Blossom’s reporting capabilities make it easy to analyse BI data from across your entire ecosystem, making it easier for managers to make informed decisions and implement change, faster.

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How manufacturing organisations use Blossom

Blossom is used by manufacturers and other industrial organisations across the globe to improve production quality and performance, and increase worker engagement.

    Solid collaboration between Flex and Blossom solved training challenges quickly. Blossom’s outstanding customer service and technical ability allowed Flex to transition from Cornerstone with minimal disruption.

    Kob Zurich

    Training and Development Manager,

    Plasson struggled to have a consistent approach for its learning and development function–resulting in inconsistency, duplicated training processes, and incomplete data. As Blossom seamlessly integrates their HR system, the company now has robust people analytics at their fingertips.

    Doron Batsir

    365 Implementer IT Department,
    Plasson Ltd.

    SodaStream improved its diversity and inclusion efforts by offering training in different languages, which formed an integral part of its digital transformation. As a result, it gives HR leaders the data they need to make informed decisions and helped them become 100% compliant with strict retail industry regulations.

    Orit Barkama

    Learning and Development Manager,
    Soda Stream

    The customer training and certification programs for use of a leading manufacturing subcontractor, helped boost customer satisfaction and retention, by providing more options for them to benefit from the products already purchased.


Modular, scalable flexibility

Blossom’s innovative design makes it easy for industrial and manufacturing organisations to stay ahead of schedule, regulations and the competition.

Features popular with manufacturing organisations

  • Project & Work Plan Management module

    Plan, manage and work on projects within and across teams.

    The project & work plan management module is part of the Team & Task Management suite of features that helps to synchronise hybrid teams, automate processes and simplify cross-functional project/task management.

    Learn more about Team & Task Management

  • OJT & Coaching

    Create, execute and track on-the-job, coaching and onboarding tasks, with checklist assignments for coaches and trainees.

  • Qualifications & Certifications

    Create regular and period qualifications and certifications with expiry alerts, failure notifications and designated reports.

  • Kiosk Support

    Provide OTP login for users to complete learning and mark attendance using  shared devices or kiosks.

    Learn about other training campus administration features.

  • Competencies

    Manage competency levels for users, units and workstations

    Plus, with the Skills & Occupations module you can also Create, manage, associate and monitor occupational skills, competencies and sub-occupations

    Explore all performance, competencies & careers capabilities

Manufacturing FAQs

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