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A partnership that drives business growth – for you and your customers.

The Blossom partner network ensures customers get the best possible experience of using the Blossom platform – no matter their size, industry or location.

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Why partner with Blossom

The Blossom Partner Programme offers excellent margins, support, and significant opportunities for providing professional client services.

Blossom Partners provide an understanding of their clients’ business; we provide the technical expertise.


Winning mentality

The Blossom team is highly responsive and has a track record of winning important opportunities with partners – if the fit is good, we’ll work with you to do whatever it takes to win.


Platform development

Blossom continues to aggressively develop the platform with more features and additional modules – giving you the option to have ongoing communication with customers and regularly generate more sales.


Enterprise experience

With hundreds of implementations under our belt, Blossom partners benefit from the 15+ years of knowledge and experience we’ve gained helping enterprise-scale organisations get the most out of their software investment, and helping their teams grow.


Cross-vertical versatility

The Blossom platform is designed to help manage resources, training and personnel seamlessly in one place – resulting in a highly-adaptable learning solution that can be used by any organisation regardless of size or industry.

What makes a
good Blossom partner?

With an impressive base of customers in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Brazil, already established, we are now looking for high-quality partners in the UK and North America as we continue our global expansion.  

As a Blossom Partner, it’s expected that you’ll uphold the values and standards our customers have come to expect from our product, service and support team.

Qualities we look for in our partners include:

  • Excellent customer service at all stages of the customer journey
  • Innovative approach to problem-solving
  • High-quality level of implementation

How to apply

If you’re interested in joining our growing Partner network, we invite you complete the application form below.

Once we receive your details, we’ll be in touch to discuss your application further and answer any further questions that you may have.

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Customers love Blossom

Whether it’s our modular design, easy of customisation, or flexibility to scale, our clients love the Blossom platform.

  • Blossom has saved Guberman Group significant time, especially for our managers and the coaches/buddies for new employees. It has streamlined the way we work through having accessible content that is relevant to the employee skill level, seniority and qualification levels.

    The Blossom team is amazing, helpful, supportive.


    Bar Ostrovsky

    Internal Auditor, Guberman Group

  • Blossom has been a transformative force in our educational journey. Their intuitive platform, coupled with unwavering customer and technical support, has not only streamlined our operations but has empowered us to create a truly inclusive and cutting-edge online learning environment.

    The challenges we faced prior to working with Blossom had a significant impact on the company, both financially and operationally. The assessment features provided by Blossom were comprehensive and flexible, allowing us to adapt to various evaluation methods.


    Joshi Kumar

    Co-Founder and CTO, 21K School

  • “All the software you need for training management”

    Whether it’s building courses, adding course content, managing tests, surveys, regulatory training – everything required for staff training processes is built in to the Blossom software package, under one roof. For both training managers and trainees, Blossom is a user-friendly, accessible platform that keeps everybody up to date in real time with their training status. Any company that offers employee training will benefit immensely from Blossom software.


    Tali Shacham

    Operations Coordinator, Learning Processes & Intra-organizational Communications, YES

  • “Highly functional, visually appealing and accessible”

    Blossom is the software of choice for management of Micro Focus Israel’s internal training academy, which serves hundreds of employees with dozens of courses each year.  Blossom’s platform is highly functional. It interfaces with email, so employees can receive training invitations and sign up to courses directly via their inbox. The UX is visually appealing and accessible, which is well suited to the hi-tech culture of our organization. Blossom has taken our training management processes up a level in terms of efficiency and control.


    Maya Gutman

    Learning & Development, Micro Focus

  • “A true technology partner”

    My company is a Blossom client for over a decade. We use the platform to manage external training processes for hundreds of end users all over the world. The system is very powerful and flexible, yet at the same time, so easy to use. Creating learning materials and managing users is fast and efficient. We get a lot of good feedback from our customers worldwide, from the US and South America, to the Far East and Australia, who say that the system is intuitive and user friendly. The Blossom team is incredibly responsive and caring, always at the ready with fast, professional answers, and the system is constantly being upgraded and improved. With Blossom, we have a true technology partner for our e-learning company.


    Tzachi Goldman

    Founder, OfekGMAT

  • [Blossom] platform is agile and allows Yozmot to evolve with the challenges that the education sector brings with it. We can add more and more content and features to develop a real sense of community among all the users.


    Enon Landenberg

    Yozmot Group

  • We are a unique organisation, and Blossom has been able to mould itself into our structure and processes. [Blossom] is a really good system that answers all of Hebrew Scouts’ unique needs. We have recommended it to other complex organisations.


    Einav Israeli

    Learning and Development | HR Specialist, Hebrew Scouts Movement

  • It’s tough finding a solution that really works with your needs. Flex is very complex. We have lots of requests that might be unusual for different companies. Blossom is super great. It gives us the full picture of what we need.


    Kob Zurich

    Training and Development Manager, Flex

  • Blossom has changed the way we learn – it has elevated our capabilities to share our knowledge and qualify our mentors and employees.  It has also organised their method of learning and appetite for learning.  It has had a positive impact on every user in the organisation.


    Liat Segal

    HR Manager and Manager of Learning, Perach

  • We’ve received very full cooperation throughout our engagement with Blossom.  We’ve made personal connections and this intimate approach has really supported the growth of both the LMS and e-learning adoption.


    Ofit Gortler

    Training Developer, ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd.

  • Before Blossom, it was very complicated and time-consuming tracking and managing training for our teams, as well as onboarding new employees. This problem has been alleviated with Blossom. It has saved time for managers now with a much faster and more efficient system.  It has also saved us money since we used to invest a lot in third-party tutorials, which managers can now create themselves conveniently within Blossom.


    Doron Batsir

    365 Implementer IT Department, Plasson Ltd.

  • Blossom LMS really helped us meet the training needs of our team. Its sophisticated functions really help us deliver personalised training around our hospital staff’s busy schedules and 24/7 shift patterns. Now our 90% of our 6000 employees are accessing training, from anywhere at any time on any device. 


    Shai Ashkenazi

    Head of Training & Development, RAMBAM Health Care Campus

  • Blossom provides excellent service. The team is very fast and professional, and they always meet SLAs. The level of collaboration and engagement are far superior to anything we have experienced!


    Shahar Dror

    Senior Project Manager, Migdal Insurance Company Ltd.

  • We are an organization whose work is based on relationships, we rely on the importance of relationships, so it’s great that Blossom feels exactly the same way. Super easy to search for learning of interest, Blossom has created a sense of organization and calm.


    Dana Kosto

    Leaning System Manager, OTI

  • Blossom’s communication with our team is flawless. Their proactive approach to both software updates and custom platform development always happens without any issues or concerns. Due to this, Blossom’s functionality is always relevant and geared up to meet the needs of our widely dispersed and remote teams, as well as those of our distributors too.


    Jazz Vershinin

    Director of Learning & Development, Bezeq International

  • The platform is very user friendly; it has a wide range of capabilities and there is further potential to be gained from using the platform as the breadth of functions is wide.  There is real room to grow with Blossom. Blossom as a company is always collaborating and delivering a personal touch, they understand my priorities and aim to deliver as quickly and efficiently as they can.


    Ilan Cohen

    Chief of Learning Development, Super Pharm