Make it easier for your teams to learn, collaborate, and access key information, anywhere

With personalised dashboards, project overviews, workplans, courses, task and project management, achievements, grades, qualifications and more, Blossom helps your workforce stay organised, wherever they call “the office”.

Simplify training course management & delivery

Reinforce knowledge retention and understanding with blended learning approaches, incorporating self-paced, and regulatory courses into engaging flexible training programmes that help engage and empower employees – even those working remotely or in satellite locations.

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Blossom’s training and learning platform has given us [Indian Air Force] the ability to stay innovative and modern in the competitive field of military technology. Tailored to IAF’s exact needs, the Blossom solution allows us [air force] to efficiently adjust our training processes and content in a constantly changing landscape.

Royal Indian Air Force

Royal Indian Air Force

Empower, engage and connect dispersed teams

Give your teams the tools they need to communicate and collaborate on learning, tasks and projects no matter where they are. Plus gamification and knowledge-sharing capabilities that help boost motivation and performance.

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Blossom LMS really helped us meet the training needs of our team. Its sophisticated functions really help us deliver personalised training around our hospital staff’s busy schedules and 24/7 shift patterns. Now our 90% of our 6000 employees are accessing training, from anywhere at any time on any device. 

Shai Ashkenazi

Shai Ashkenazi

Head of Training & Development, RAMBAM Health Care Campus

Improve efficiency with streamlined processes & reports

Integrate with other HR and training processes to bring relevant information, courses and key contacts into a single, easy-to-navigate platform. And simplify reporting with dashboards and advanced filters that make it easy to identify trends and other business insights.

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Ticks all your “must-have” boxes – and more!

Whether you’re specifically looking for an employee/HR portal solution, or bringing your hybrid workforce closer together is just one of many challenges you’re trying to solve, Blossom’s modular design and dynamic API allow you to customise and configure your platform in line with changing business needs.

Personalised HR Portals

Customisable employee portals are one of the things Blossom customers love most about the platform and include a number of popular features.

  • Portals module

    The portals module gives users the ability for admins and individual users to create simple, no-code portals to provide quick and easy access to the things that matter most.

  • Team and Project Management

    Blossom offers a range of team and task management capabilities to help you synchronise hybrid teams, automate processes and simplify cross-functional project/task management.

    Explore all project management capabilities.

  • Elearning

    One of Blossom’s many LMS features, the elearning module enables distribution of SCORM and xAPI learning objects with optional notifications.

  • Internal communications module

    This feature provides the use of forums, blogs and content commenting mechanisms.

    Learn more about Blossom’s communication capabilities.

  • Workplans & needs allocation module

    This module allows you to run training needs processes and prepare work plans.

    One of Blossom’s popular training administration features. Find out more.

  • Dashboards & advanced filters

    Blossom offers a full suite of analytics and personalisable dashboards and reports for easy-to-access insights that matter in a single interface.

    Find out more about Blossom’s reporting capabilities.


We love our clients, and they love us too!

Whether it’s our modular design, easy of customisation, or flexibility to scale, our clients love the Blossom platform.

    Blossom has been a transformative force in our educational journey. Their intuitive platform, coupled with unwavering customer and technical support, has not only streamlined our operations but has empowered us to create a truly inclusive and cutting-edge online learning environment.

    The challenges we faced prior to working with Blossom had a significant impact on the company, both financially and operationally. The assessment features provided by Blossom were comprehensive and flexible, allowing us to adapt to various evaluation methods.

    Joshi Kumar

    Co-Founder and CTO,
    21K School

    By streamlining processes, managers have complete oversight of employee training events–ensuring compliance requirements are fully met. Blossom helped Super-Pharm to enhance product knowledge among its employees and boost customer engagement.

    Ilan Cohen

    Chief of Learning Development,
    Super Pharm

    A lack of reporting tools made monitoring learners’ progress and completion rates difficult. Blossom helped OTI improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and impact of its training initiatives with agility to meet complex needs.

    Dana Kosto

    Leaning System Manager,

    SodaStream improved its diversity and inclusion efforts by offering training in different languages, which formed an integral part of its digital transformation. As a result, it gives HR leaders the data they need to make informed decisions and helped them become 100% compliant with strict retail industry regulations.

    Orit Barkama

    Learning and Development Manager,
    Soda Stream

    A large healthcare provider needed Blossom’s reliable LMS to deliver diverse training across many different job titles. Prior to implementing Blossom, they used a simple solution, which was limited to a single departmental computer. Today, Blossom is being utilised by 90% or Rambam’s workforce.

    Shai Ashkenazi

    Head of Training & Development,
    RAMBAM Health Care Campus


    By adopting Blossom, Bezeq International were able to  deliver training remotely, as well as track training and certification, which helped boost sales by increasing their number of distributors by 900%. Remote learning was paramount to comply with standards within such a highly regulated industry.

    Jazz Vershinin

    Director of Learning & Development,
    Bezeq International

    PERACH had time-consuming and resource-intensive practices, often leading to inconsistencies in learning experiences. With Blossom, administrative tasks were automated. New mentors were onboarded and upskilled quickly–creating an appetite for continuous learning.

    Liat Segal

    HR Manager and Manager of Learning,

    The distributor of Pandora called on Blossom expertise to develop a computerised staff training platform for a distributed, dynamic workforce

    Blossom was instrumental in implementing quick, efficient training channels that connect the entire Indian Air Force, enabling a huge user-base to stay updated and informed.

    Royal Indian Air Force

Why Blossom

Why businesses choose Blossom for hybrid working

With more organisations than ever adopting a blend of in-office, remote, and on-the-go working patterns to help boost job satisfaction and productivity across increasingly globally dispersed teams, the future of work is hybrid.

Balancing employee needs with business goals in the long term is largely dependent on ensuring these workers remain in-the-loop with business comms and connected with colleagues, aligned with company culture and operating inline with key compliance requirements

Adapt at the pace of change

Providing an integrated learning and engagement platform, personalisable dashboards and portals, project and task management as well as a range of collaboration tools (and more!) that gives workers, managers and operations teams everything they need – any time/place/where, Blossom makes it easy for organisations to adopt sustainable hybrid working practices and adapt fast as they grow.

  • Modern UI/UX
  • Advanced architecture
  • Reduced TCO
  • Industry experience
  • Great customer service

Blossom’s communication with our team is flawless. Their proactive approach to both software updates and custom platform development always happens without any issues or concerns. Due to this, Blossom’s functionality is always relevant and geared up to meet the needs of our widely dispersed and remote teams, as well as those of our distributors too.

Jazz Vershinin

Jazz Vershinin

Director of Learning & Development, Bezeq International

Hybrid Teams FAQs

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