How Blossom has helped 21K Schools to achieve a staggering growth of 3,900%

February 1, 2024

Before Blossom, online education provider 21K Schools faced challenges with unintuitive and complex systems that impacted learning and customer service. 

21K Schools turned to Blossom to expand its operations. Benefiting from Blossom’s unparalleled capabilities, 21K Schools experienced a growth rate of almost 4000%, crediting Blossom as integral to this expansion.

By transforming its educational strategy, 21K Schools enhanced efficiency and boosted its global footprint. Through user-centric platforms and unwavering support, 21K Schools has become a prominent multinational leader in online education.

About 21K School

Founded in 2020, 21K Schools is Asia’s leading K12 institution, renowned for its innovative and quality-driven approach. The 100% online education provider embraces an adaptive, personalised learning model, leveraging advanced technology to empower students to learn at their preferred pace. 

With a dedicated team that seamlessly engages with more than 6,500 students from 600 cities and 75 countries, 21K Schools delivers top-tier education that breaks down geographical barriers and creates a truly inclusive educational experience.


Communication, collaboration, and learning experiences across departments and geographical territories lacked the necessary robustness, resulting in potential misunderstandings and unnecessary time spent finding and accessing resources and tools.

Assessment capabilities fell short of demands, prompting the search for a versatile tool that offers diverse evaluation methods and detailed student performance insights.

Systems struggled with integrating third-party applications and plugins, limiting the capacity to utilise the most recent educational technologies and tools on the market.

Customisation features were restricted, prompting 21K Schools to seek a platform adaptable to a unique curriculum and pedagogical approach. This meant the education provider lacked a solution tailored to its educational objectives and methodologies. 

Problems Solved

  • Blossom’s easy-to-use interface has simplified the process for both administrators and end-users, improving communication and collaboration across users, and saving time.
  • Blossom’s design and customisation capabilities improved user experience and boosted morale among teachers, support staff, and students.
  • Seamless integration with third-party applications, like Zoom, eliminated the requirement for multiple tools, simplifying workflows and cutting expenses.

Key Takeaways

  • The comprehensive features offered by Blossom, including real-time communication tools, streamlined assessment processes, improved productivity.
  • Robust assessment and evaluation tools addressed a diverse student population, delivering detailed feedback and understanding of each learner’s progress.
  • Blossom’s flexibility and scalability have enhanced operational efficiency and reduced costs. 
  • Simple customisation features enabled 21K Schools to tailor the platform to their specific needs–meaning 90% of the customisation tasks could be handled directly by themselves.

Client Quote:

Joshi Kumar

Blossom has been a transformative force in our educational journey. Their intuitive platform, coupled with unwavering customer and technical support, has not only streamlined our operations but has empowered us to create a truly inclusive and cutting-edge online learning environment.

The challenges we faced prior to working with Blossom had a significant impact on the company, both financially and operationally. The assessment features provided by Blossom were comprehensive and flexible, allowing us to adapt to various evaluation methods.


Joshi Kumar, Co-Founder and CTO, 21K School