Features & Functionality

Every organisation is different. Your learning platform should be too.

Every Blossom platform implementation starts with user management and mobile app. How you grow your platform from there is up to you.

Explore Blossom’s standard features below

Learning Management

User and course management made easy.

All the fundamental LMS features and capabilities you need to manage learning in your business.


Enable distribution of SCORM and xAPI learning objects with optional notifications

Questionnaires, Tests & Surveys

Create, distribute, and report on quizzes, test and surveys

Reminders & Notifications

Ability to set automatic reminders and alerts based on custom triggers

Course Templates & Meetings

Manage course templates and create conditions for performance based on attendance in meetings

Enrollment & Registration

Gives learners the option to self-register for a group/course, and create registration approval processes sequences

Course Catalogue

Create and publish a user-oriented catalogue of courses (online or classroom-based/ILT)

Knowledge Sharing & Curation

Deliver a modern learning experience.

Empower your learners and enhance skills, communication and collaboration across teams and locations.

Personalised Learning Pathways

Recommend content and courses according to the skills required for career development

Personal Channels

Allow creation of personal playlists and knowledge channels that can be shared with other users

Knowledge Centre

Create and centralise knowledge resources for easy access, linking and sharing within defined user groups

Content Curation

Register, access and report on learning objects provided by external providers

Smart AI Recommendations

Use AI to recommend content/courses according to the skills required for the user’s current position

Communication, Engagement & Social

Connect and engage employees at every level.

Customisable employee portals, networking and comms tools that boost  individual and cross-functional engagement.

Portal module

Ability for workspace management to create simple, no-code portals


Use forums, blogs and content commenting mechanisms

Internal Communication

Use forums, blogs and content commenting mechanisms


Ability to create challenges and other interactive elements

Qualifications & Certification Management

Stay on top of certifiable knowledge and skills.

Simplify creation and renewal processes, transform the internship experience, and provide access to external users.

Qualification & Certifications

Create regular and period qualifications and certifications with expiry alerts, failure notifications and designated reports

Internship Management

Manage, document and report on internship stages with location management, rotations, stage requirements, manager feedback and reports

External Permissions

Option to manage external user permissions such as doctors/nurses


Create “read-&-sign” assignments including the requirement for a real signature

Training Campus Administration

Take control of instructor-led training (ILT).

Improve registration processes, prevent instructor and resource clashes, and gain additional performance reporting capabilities.

Training Centre Management

Enables management of training resources, instructors and campuses

Kiosk Support

Provide OTP login for users to complete learning and mark attendance using  shared devices or kiosks

Personal Calendars

Access internal users’ calendars to help schedule meetings, courses and events

External Courses and Events Registration

Option to register for external courses using internal approval processes

Audits & Feedback

Ability to create, execute, and report on specific workspaces, meetings, instructors and courses

Workplans & Training Needs Allocation

Ability to run training needs process to prepare workplans

Performance, Competencies & Careers

Nurture a highly-skilled, competent workforce.

Identify and support performance issues, accelerate career development and build a talent pipeline.

Employee Evaluation

Create, distribute and report on employee evaluation tasks and performance

OJT & Coaching

Create, execute and track on-the-job, coaching and onboarding tasks, with checklist assignments for coaches and trainees


Manage competency levels for users, units and workstations

Skills & Occupations

Create, manage, associate and monitor occupational skills, competencies and sub-occupations

AI Skills Matching

Use AI to match skills to relevant occupations and courses

External Permissions

Option to manage user permissions with or without prerequisites

Team & Task Management

Simplify workforce organisation and process management.

Synchronise hybrid teams, automate processes and simplify cross-functional project/task management.


Create forms that can be embedded and used in approval sequences anywhere in the system

Help Desk

Manage and monitor service calls and tickets

Project & Work Plan Management

Plan, manage and work on  projects within and across teams

E-commerce & Extended Enterprise

Support external users and create new revenue streams.

A variety of options to help you partition a single installation for multiple uses with customers, contractors and more.

Domain Management Module

Enable multi-tenancy by partitioning a single installation


Make courses and portals available to external users and receive payment

External Assignments

Ability to create and distribute assignments and content to external users

External Self-Registration

Option to self-register, view and purchase courses for people without an account

Enterprise Application Module

Create and design hybrid apps that allow personalised user views and access

Analytics & Reporting

Explore and export key system data.

Personalisable dashboards and reports for easy-to-access insights that matter in a single interface.

Reports Module

Ability to view reports on relevant modules and add custom fields to user-based reports, and export to Excel or PDF

BI Module

Option to create pages with personalised report views, including advanced filters with Boolean conditions


Dynamic API and Content API allows pull/push of data with other system applications

Features & Functionalities FAQs

Answers to some common questions our team get asked. Got other questions about Blossom’s current features and capabilities?

  • What if a feature I need isn’t listed?

    If you’re looking for a particular feature but can’t see it listed, there’s a couple of options:

    If the functionality you’re after already exists (maybe we just call it by a different name), we’ll talk you through the options and pricing to get it added to your existing configuration.

    If what you need can’t currently be achieved by an existing feature, we’ll happily look into developing it for you.

    Existing Customers should contact their Account Manager in the first instance. New customers can get in touch here.

  • How do I raise a feature request?

    Raising a feature request is as simple as opening a ticket in our Support system. Make sure you tag the request as “feature” and your Account Manager will take things from there.

    Raise a feature request

  • Is there a feature development roadmap?

    Yes, there is! Although much of our feature development is driven by customer need, we also have our own core development plans for the platform to ensure Blossom continues to grow in line with our vision to democratise learning and make the best use of emerging technologies (such as AI).

    Existing Customers should contact their Account Manager in the first instance. New customers can get in touch here.