Keep dispersed workforces engaged, connected and compliant, everywhere

Simple-to-use, mobile and decentralised, Blossom transforms the monitoring, management and delivery of learning, qualifications and skills across multiple locations and languages.


Why transportation & logistics companies choose Blossom

With multiple hubs in different countries and timezones the norm, keeping diverse workforces that span high- and low-tech, blue and white collar workers motivated and skilled is a complex administration and culture challenge faced by companies working in the supply chain and transportation industries.

Ensuring adherence to strict international regulations relating to distribution and shipping of goods adds further complexity to businesses already struggling to reduce turnover, and connect and engage employees at all levels.

Optimise global training management

From integrating with existing freight management software and mobile capabilities that even support areas with poor connectivity, Blossom empowers workers to drive their own learning experience while giving HR and Compliance teams the necessary tools to meet changing skills and regulatory requirements on a global scale.

  • Simplify processes
  • Increase compliance
  • Reduce churn

We’ve received very full cooperation throughout our engagement with Blossom.  We’ve made personal connections and this intimate approach has really supported the growth of both the LMS and e-learning adoption.

Ofit Gortler

Ofit Gortler

Training Developer, ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd.

Accelerate onboarding

Accelerate onboarding

Get new hires up to speed faster with on-the-job training, coaching tools and external user capabilities that allow employees and subcontractors to access key training and resources anytime, anywhere – even before they join.

From DC, logistics and transport managers to warehouse workers and truck drivers, everyone’s onboarding journey needs to reflect their role, responsibilities and location. And with Blossom, you can manage it all from a simple, single platform that employees – and contractors – find quick to learn and easy to use.

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Remain compliant

Keep on top of compliance training, certification and audits with automated notifications and reminders that remove the reliance on manual processes, and reports that highlight areas of concern – from global trends to individual employee level of detail.

Blossom simplifies and automates the burdensome tasks associated with keeping workforces safe and operating inside regulatory guidelines. So everyone from your offices, warehouses, and even those on the road, can spend more time doing their job, and less time on filling out and chasing paperwork.

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Learn anywhere

Make learning more accessible to everyone – even remote/offshore workers and subcontractors – with Kiosk process support that allows multiple users to access training and development on shared PCs and mobile.

With the majority of logistics workers in deskless roles, Blossom provides a single solution that works as well for those in the office as it does on the road, ensuring everyone has access to the same level of learning and skills support, any time, anywhere.

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Increase engagement & reduce turnover

Empower staff with a range of social learning and gamification tools that help to foster community, increase motivation, and cultivate a more attractive organisational culture.

With transport and logistics covering so many different job roles, functions and locations, technology is an enablement tool that needs leveraging to the max. Blossom helps connect dispersed teams, drive engagement, and keep employees engaged even in the most remote and isolated positions.

Explore Collaboration & Knowledge Sharing

How transportation & logistics companies use Blossom

Blossom is used by bus companies, car fleets, trucking companies, tour buses, shipping companies and airlines to simplify global workforce training and development.

    ZIM was in desperate need of a streamlined compliance process. Since Blossom, employee participation levels have increased and regulatory and compliance training requirements understood and met.

    Ofit Gortler

    Training Developer,
    ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd.


Modular, multi–language, multi-tenant flexibility

Create a bespoke, decentralised platform from a range of flexible modules to empower workers and simplify administration and auditing of localised hubs.

Features popular with logistics, shipping & transportation companies

  • Kiosk process support

    Blossom’s kiosk process support module allows users to perform tasks using individual kiosks or mobile phones.

    Users can complete learning and mark attendance using shared devices or kiosks using OTP logins, and scan QR codes for direct access to relevant learning and knowledge objects.

    You can even manage food vendors and give users the ability to order meals using designated kiosk stations.

  • Training campus administration

    Take control of instructor-led training (ILT) with a suite of tools that help you improve registration processes, prevent instructor and resource clashes, and more.

    Browse training administration capabilities.

  • Certifications

    Create regular and period qualifications and certifications with expiry alerts, failure notifications and designated reports.

    Explore Blossom’s qualification and certification capabilities.

  • Internal communication 

    Use forums, blogs and content commenting mechanisms and help connect and engage employees at every level.

    Learn about other communication, engagement and social capabilities.

  • OJT & coaching

    Create, execute and track on-the-job, coaching and onboarding tasks, with checklist assignments for coaches and trainees.

    Browse all performance, competencies and careers features.

Compliance Training FAQs

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