How to take your compliance training to the next level with a blended learning approach

March 7, 2024

Industries such as hospitality, banking, and healthcare have strict compliance requirements due to the nature of their operations and the potential impact on individuals and society. Following these rules needs careful attention, ongoing training, and robust systems to ensure everyone complies.

But, keeping up with changing regulations and updating training content takes a lot of work. Then there’s boredom–often an issue in compliance training due to dull traditional methods. 

Blended learning, with diverse activities, enhances engagement and enjoyment. Discover how a blended learning approach can elevate your compliance training needs. 

This article will help you comply with rules and regulations and offer your people a rich and engaging learning experience.

Why choose a blended learning approach for compliance training

Blended learning has become a popular alternative to in-person training– offering many advantages, including lower training costs and better employee retention than traditional classroom training. 

That said, many companies worry it won’t provide the same value as traditional classroom training. Additionally, monitoring and documenting compliance training completion for large teams can be cumbersome without an efficient tracking system.

The flexibility offered by digital learning platforms, like Blossom, allows employees to access compliance training materials remotely, reducing the need for in-person training facilities.

Blended learning combines self-directed and structured learning, creating a balanced, learner-focused experience that suits the diverse needs of today’s workforce.

Read on to learn how blended learning can enhance your compliance training.

Blend online and in-person modules

Integrating online and in-person modules is a strategic approach to delivering a comprehensive learning experience. Organisations can create a well-rounded training program by blending e-learning modules with traditional classroom sessions.

The online component allows for flexible and convenient learning, enabling participants to access information at their own pace and convenience. This digital format is great for conveying theoretical concepts, principles, and regulatory information on topics such as equal opportunities and data protection.

On the other hand, in-person classroom sessions provide an opportunity for interactive discussions, practical demonstrations, and collaborative activities. This is especially beneficial for hands-on topics like food safety, where participants can engage in real-world scenarios, ask questions, and share insights with peers and instructors.

Combining these two modes of learning capitalises on the strengths of each. Online modules offer flexibility, which is great for hybrid employees, while in-person sessions provide a dynamic environment. This ensures a comprehensive compliance education, improving understanding and application of compliance practices for all employees.

Provide interactive training content

Incorporate engaging multimedia, quizzes, and simulations to enhance learner participation. These simulations take interactivity to the next level by immersing participants in lifelike scenarios relevant to compliance issues. 

Virtual experiences allow learners to work through situations, make decisions, and reflect on the consequences of their actions, building a deeper understanding of compliance principles.

By incorporating these interactive elements, compliance training becomes more than a passive information-sharing process. It transforms into an engaging and participatory experience that not only imparts knowledge but also tests and reinforces it. 

Create an engaged workforce that takes ownership of upskilling beyond the standard compliance requirements with Blossom. User-friendly interfaces ensure seamless navigation through various interactive compliance modules and simulations, enhancing learner engagement. 

But don’t take our word for it. 

Blossom helped an international shipping company, Zim, transform their workplace into a learning-focused company and meet stringent compliance regulations. 

“Since Blossom, employee participation levels have increased, and regulatory and compliance training requirements understood and met. “

Ofit Gortler, Training Developer at ZIM Integrated Shipping Services

Offer gamification elements

Following on from interactive compliance training components, why not incorporate game-like features to make training enjoyable while reinforcing key compliance principles?

By infusing game-like features, the training experience becomes educational and interesting. Award points for completing compliance modules or quizzes and give employees a sense of accomplishment. This can encourage individuals to progress through the training. Plus, badges act as visual markers of achievements, providing a tangible representation of competence in specific compliance areas. 

Challenges mimic real-world situations, letting employees use their knowledge and get instant feedback. This enhances critical thinking and decision-making skills. 

Add friendly competition with gamification elements. Encourage collaboration and excellence in compliance knowledge and turn dry compliance topics into an enjoyable learning experience. With features such as recognition badges, Blossom can help you comply with rules and regulations and democratises learning and professional growth within your organisation.


Develop personalised learning paths

Access to personalised learning paths is not just about delivering information; it’s about providing the right information to the right people. 

Personalised learning paths in compliance training involve customising the educational journey for each participant based on their specific roles and responsibilities; the training content is directly relevant to the individual’s job functions, making it more targeted and effective.

For instance, different departments may have unique compliance requirements, and personalised paths account for these differences. This makes the most of training time and improves how well the knowledge applies to job situations.


Blossom’s all-in-one platform has comprehensive features to customise learning paths and maintain compliance regulations. Smart artificial intelligence can recommend content and courses according to the skills required for the user’s current position. 

“Whether it’s building courses, adding course content, managing tests, surveys, regulatory training – everything required for staff training processes is built into the Blossom software package, under one roof.”

Tali Shacham, Operations Coordinator, Learning Processes & Intra-organisational Communications at YES

Plus, the learning paths are customised to different expertise levels, so beginners start with basics and experienced individuals can advance to more challenging modules. This flexibility accommodates diverse skill levels, ensuring everyone gets compliance training tailored to their needs.

Improve mobile accessibility

According to research by CIPD, there was an increase in requests for flexible and hybrid working in 2023. And with 60% of employees already having flexible working arrangements in their current roles, organisations must provide adaptable approaches for their compliance training programmes.

By offering training on mobile phones, you can align with employee preferences and leverage the convenience and technology that mobile devices provide, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of your regulatory training requirements.

But did you know that the Blossom mobile app allows your workforce (and external users) to communicate with colleagues, access knowledge, and complete courses, training, and project tasks without needing a laptop or desktop PC?

It does. 

Level up compliance efforts by allowing employees to train using a mobile device during downtime, such as commuting or waiting periods. This convenience enhances the likelihood of consistent participation and completion of regulatory training modules.

“Blossom LMS really helped us meet the training needs of our team. Its sophisticated functions really help us deliver personalised training around our hospital staff’s busy schedules and 24/7 shift patterns. Now 90% of our 6000 employees are accessing training, from anywhere at any time on any device.”

Shai Ashkenazi, Head of Training and Development at RAMBAM Health Care Campus

Promote peer Collaboration

Picture this.

A retail company offers a blended learning program focusing on diversity and inclusion. Employees engage in a simulated workplace scenario, highlighting the importance of an inclusive environment. The training includes a scenario where individuals from diverse backgrounds, including different genders and ages, collaborate to solve a complex problem about diversity and inclusion policies. 

Before the scenario, workers complete an online module covering unconscious bias and inclusive communication. This provides foundational knowledge and awareness.

The blended approach also includes an in-person role-playing workshop where employees are given specific roles and asked to navigate challenges such as miscommunication, bias, or exclusion.

By bringing together people with different backgrounds to enrich discussions, participants see compliance regulations from various viewpoints, improving their understanding and practical application.

What’s more, learning with others lets employees from various departments connect. This not only boosts collaboration during compliance training but also helps improve communication and teamwork in the workplace.

Empower your learners and improve skills, communication, and teamwork. With Blossom, you can create playlists and knowledge channels to share with others. Discuss compliance topics, share experiences, and seek clarification within the platform, fostering a supportive learning community.

Leverage data and analytics

Employee skill development data and analytics offer valuable insights, such as time to competency and skill improvement, helping you to assess the impact of your compliance training efforts and make informed decisions for continuous improvement.  


What’s more, data and analytics provide a documented trail of employee training and compliance efforts–valuable evidence in case of audits or regulatory inquiries, demonstrating that your business has taken proactive steps to ensure compliance.

Because 35% of compliance professionals use technology like Blossom to meet industry regulations, you can put your business ahead by using best-in-class software and preparing for future regulatory changes.

Level up regulatory training with Blossom

Meeting compliance requirements doesn’t have to be daunting.

By leveraging the appropriate tools and having the proper knowledge, you can transform your regulatory training initiatives. Adopt the innovative solutions listed here and stay informed about regulatory updates. 

Meeting and exceeding compliance standards becomes achievable, paving the way for a more resilient and adaptable workforce.

Leverage Blossom’s user-friendly features, personalised learning paths, and collaborative capabilities and provide a more effective and engaging approach to compliance education.  Schedule a demo today.