How Blossom helped an international shipping company transform their workplace into a learning focused company

November 28, 2023

ZIM was in desperate need of a streamlined compliance process. Since Blossom, employee participation levels have increased and regulatory and compliance training requirements understood and met.

One of the challenges facing ZIM, an international shipping company, was the need for a streamlined compliance process.

When the COVID pandemic hit, the team needed to overhaul its learning and development offer to a global workforce. The need to publish all training materials worldwide and monitor the delivery and completion of learning events was fragmented–resulting in audit difficulties.

When looking to standardise its workforce development processes, ZIM turned to Blossom for help.

About ZIM:

Many things set ZIM Integrated Shipping Services apart from other international transportation companies. With over 70 years of expertise in global shipping, they are an international trailblazer in the container shipping business.

ZIM has a global workforce of 5000 agents in export and import roles, offering first-class customer service by understanding the evolving needs of each customer–giving them a competitive advantage.


The container shipping industry has strict regulatory regulations to comply with. With no solid process for monitoring training and reducing the risk of non- compliance, finding out which learning event was due for renewal or out of date proved challenging. Plus, ZIM wanted to create an engaged workforce that takes ownership of upskilling beyond the standard requirements.

As employees are based in different countries, ZIM wanted a flexible LMS solution that enabled everyone to meet mandatory training requirements across international borders, meet language variations, and offer consistency in terms of staff development.

ZIM needed an intuitive LMS to reduce a segmented approach to learning. Various customer service, sales, and finance roles made finding a flexible, modular LMS business critical.

Problems Solved: 

  • Employee participation levels have increased across compulsory and non- compulsory training.
  • Regulatory and compliance training requirements understood and met.
  • Greater distribution of learning events for a global workforce with comprehensive content libraries.
  • Access to robust reporting features enables the team to monitor and audit learning and development events across the entire workforce.
  • Adjustment to cloud-based LMS allows employees to access flexible e-learning modules without the need to travel.
  • ZIM created a learner-driven organisation where team members seek knowledge, share insights, and continuously improve. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Employees are now using their initiative to seek out non-mandatory training.
  • Managers and individuals have complete oversight of learning and development events–enabling them to take necessary actions to comply with stringent industry regulations.
  • Eliminated the need for travel and physical classrooms with comprehensive e-learning modules. 
  • By investing in a customisable, modular LMS, the team can achieve scalability.

Client Quote:

Ofit Gortler

We’ve received very full cooperation throughout our engagement with Blossom.  We’ve made personal connections and this intimate approach has really supported the growth of both the LMS and e-learning adoption.


Ofit Gortler, Training Developer, ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd.