Boosting productivity and service delivery with an integrated IMS for a national call centre provider

August 12, 2019

Blossom helped national call centre provider, Milgam, improve performance with integrated data management, online training and employee collaboration tools for the 21st century call centre.

Blossom helped Milgam improve performance with integrated data management, online training and employee collaboration tools for the 21st century call centre

The Client

Milgam Group is a project management company providing a wide range of services to municipalities, utility companies, governmental organisations, private and public companies, including the management and operation of customer service call centres and walk-in centres. With 2000 employees across Israel, the company must provide its staff with real-time access to up-to-date information and tools in order to provide a high level of customer service to the public on behalf of its clients.

The Challenge

Call centers are a challenging and demanding work environment. Customer service representatives must be afforded access to customer information in real time, with the ability to search quickly and accurately in the system in order to handle requests while on the phone with the customer.

As a service provider to numerous organisations, Milgam needed to ensure that all data was organised properly, according to the various organisations and their departments, enabling call centre staff to provide high levels of service and to maximise productivity.

High turnover of staff at call centers necessitates more efficient and effective onboarding and on-the-job training. This helps to ensure smooth operations even as staff members come and go.

The high level of movement among call center staff, and the fast-paced dynamic of the call center environment, also create a need for staff to engage in online collaboration, to support internal discussions, knowledge sharing and team support, and to help one another manage issues as they arise.

The Solution

Milgam turned to Blossom to provide a full information management platform that provided all the functionality required for efficient, productive call centre operations. Blossom’s platform facilitated a one-stop-shop solution customised for Milgam’s unique needs, with a fast, one-time integration, moving all data over to the Blossom system in one go, to prevent disruption of operations and ensure uninterrupted workflow at the company’s call centres.

Information management

Blossom’s solution comprises management, organisation and advanced search functionality of the company’s complex data, for each of Milgam’s numerous clients and call centres. With the help of Blossom’s solution, call centre staff are able to accurately locate and access customer data instantly and in real time, enabling higher levels of customer service efficiency.

Online & social collaboration tools

The Blossom platform integrates a range of online collaboration tools, such as chats, videos, comments and shares, to facilitate discussion, problem solving and teamwork among call center staff. These interactive tools help boost productivity by promoting problem solving collaborations and communication between staff members in real time.

Protocols Management

Call centre protocols can be complex, as they involve a large number of procedures and rules covering all aspects of workflow, customer service standards, troubleshooting and much more. Via Blossom’s integrated platform, Milgam is able to manage the different protocols across all its call centres, with monitoring capabilities to ensure specific staff members and teams are working in line with company protocols.

E-learning & Onboarding

Milgam call centers are highly dynamic, with new staff onboarding and employee transfer to different departments or positions on a constant basis. Blossom’s platform incorporates e-learning, training and onboarding programs, enabling staff to access digital training modules according to their personal login details. Managers can assign, monitor and track individual employees’ training programs, ensuring their team is properly trained, qualified and up to date at all times.

Reporting & Analysis

With all company data integrated into one platform, Blossom provides Milgam with high-level reporting and analysis of every parameter. This gives management the capability to monitor call center performance at every level and at all times, in order to implement the steps necessary to continually boost productivity.