Blossom helped increase SodaStream’s employee participation and assured 100% compliance with strict regulatory requirements

June 27, 2023

SodaStream improved its diversity and inclusion efforts by offering training in different languages, which formed an integral part of its digital transformation. As a result, it gives HR leaders the data they need to make informed decisions and helped them become 100% compliant with strict retail industry regulations.

The team at SodaStream had their hands full. Before Blossom, the sparkling and flavoured water makers had training and development systems that were outdated and inefficient.

With a global workforce spread across many continents, managing the training needs of employees was challenging. Disconnected systems made it difficult to track and deliver staff training. Considering many employees lack digital skills, Blossom provided a robust way of offering consistent training across its workforce–upskilling and ensuring they remain compliant with regulatory requirements.

Through Blossom, SodaStream improved its diversity and inclusion efforts by offering training in different languages, which formed an integral part of its digital transformation. As a result, it offers training that not only meets the diverse needs of individual employees but also gives HR leaders the data they need to make informed decisions.

About SodaStream:

Winners of dozens of international awards for its marketing, design, and technological excellence, SodaStream is the number one sparkling water brand in the world. Established in the UK in 1903, SodaStream International Ltd has a global workforce of approximately 4000 employees.

With products sold at more than 80,000 retail stores across 45 countries, SodaStream sparkling water makers enable consumers to transform ordinary tap water into sparkling water and flavoured sparkling water at the touch of a button.


The food and drink industry has stringent legislation and regulatory requirements. HR Leaders struggled to track and monitor staff training, posing the risk of not complying with regulatory requirements. Plus, a lack of standardisation and conflicting employee training data made future decision-making even more problematic.

The driving need for digital transformation was evident across the company. Fragmented internal systems made staff training and HR processes more difficult, resulting in inconsistent employee training records that are unfit for purpose.

SodaStream wanted to improve their people data and how their employees’ access and enjoy training programmes. Since some employees do not have a personal computer or training in their own language, SodaStream learning was restrictive and inflexible. Employee participation was inconsistent, resulting in missing compliance completion dates and a lack of enhancing employee digital skills.

Problems Solved:

  • SodaStream now has an efficient  and consistent way of tracking and monitoring all employee learning and development events.
  • Blossom’s robust metrics and analytics feature can track and monitor employee participation and maintain regulatory compliance across its entire workforce. Access to real-time data allows SodaStream managers to act quickly to address any shortfalls in employee training.
  • Blossom’s language capabilities feature support a diverse range of employee needs, improving engagement and making all people feel valued, while contributing to the company’s diversity and inclusion strategy.

Key Takeaways:

  • Transformed the whole learning experience by digitising training and upskilling employees across the globe.
  • Streamlined workflows maintain the entire global workforce training needs quickly and efficiently–all from one centralised platform.
  • Reduced the time taken to achieve regulatory requirements. Blossom has enabled SodaStream to be 100% compliant, reducing the risk of serious consequences.
  • Improved employee satisfaction levels. Fully accessible portals and learning events have made employees feel cared for. 
  • Efficient onboarding of employees. Seamless interfaces create a great first impression for new members of the workforce.

Client Quote:

Orit Barkama

Blossom is a really complex system that supports our users but it’s still easy to use from an organisational perspective. Blossom has reduced the time it takes us to achieve regulatory training – with Blossom we’re now 100% compliant, both internally and from a legal perspective. Blossom has enabled our learning management team to achieve time and labour cost savings and reduce the time our employees spend on learning. We receive great levels of support, their team are fully accessible whenever needed.  They’re really dedicated to the ecosystem they work in and their focus on learning is excellent. We feel like they really care.


Orit Barkama, Learning and Development Manager, Soda Stream