A wide variety of operational functions keep pace with a fast-moving technology company

February 21, 2023

By adopting Blossom, Bezeq International were able to  deliver training remotely, as well as track training and certification, which helped boost sales by increasing their number of distributors by 900%. Remote learning was paramount to comply with standards within such a highly regulated industry.

Before integrating Blossom’s LMS, Bezeq International struggled to adequately train its workforce and partners, since they worked remotely and were widely dispersed.  By adopting Blossom, not only can they now deliver training remotely in an easily accessible format, but they can also track training and certification levels of their team, which is paramount to comply with standards working within such a highly regulated industry.

About Bezeq International:

Bezeq International is a technology company that delivers robust connectivity solutions globally. They own and maintain the vast communications infrastructure that connects Europe to the Middle East. This includes the JONAH high-speed submarine cables and 5 major data centres. They’re market leaders in all their core fields of communications solutions, internet, telephony, IT and cloud services, hosting, data and cyber security solutions.


Bezeq wanted to adapt their training delivery methods to meet the needs of a young, geographically dispersed mobile workforce. They found it challenging to fully track the adoption rates of their training streams and measure the impact of their programme. They also wanted to deliver detailed reports that demonstrate the business’ ROI of their training to their leadership team. Their training programme needed to be adapted to deliver training to their technology partner ecosystem and service delivery network. Some of their clients are in highly regulated industries like government and banking, so the ability to document their team’s training levels was paramount. 

Problems Solved:

  • Blossom enabled Bezeq to accurately track their training delivery levels, which is essential due to working in such a highly regulated industry.
  • The scale of Bezeq’s business model required unique functionality from their LMS that was only available from very few providers.
  • As a fully remote workforce, they’re geographically dispersed, making in-person training challenging.

Key Takeaways:

  • Blossom’s development cycles and continuous improvement programme ensured a solid digital platform to meet their needs.
  • Blossom’s self-learning LMS features enable any technology distributor anywhere in the world to study their courses.
  • The ease of onboarding and training gained from remote learning enabled Bezeq International to boost their sales by increasing their number of distributors by 900%.

Client Quote:

Jazz Vershinin

Blossom’s communication with our team is flawless. Their proactive approach to both software updates and custom platform development always happens without any issues or concerns. Due to this, Blossom’s functionality is always relevant and geared up to meet the needs of our widely dispersed and remote teams, as well as those of our distributors too.


Jazz Vershinin, Director of Learning & Development, Bezeq International