Boosting quality & performance for a leading global sub-contractor in manufacturing

May 12, 2019

The customer training and certification programs for use of a leading manufacturing subcontractor, helped boost customer satisfaction and retention, by providing more options for them to benefit from the products already purchased.

Empowering floor workers and administrative staff with an advanced digital platform to improve quality and performance in regulatory compliance, training & certification, and meeting high-level customer demands

The Client

A leading manufacturing subcontractor, the client offers numerous product lines in various highly regulated and sensitive industries. This demands operation of hundreds of design, manufacturing and packaging machines, each with a multitude of requirements to certify their operations. Excellence and continual improvement are much more than a requirement – they are a necessity. Ensuring that the thousands of products delivered by the factory are manufactured to the highest quality standards, with zero tolerance for faults, is a key factor in the company’s ongoing survivability and success.

The Challenges

The company juggled the constant need to add new machines and technologies, rigorous demands of customers worldwide, and strict manufacturing regulations on its products. Despite the vast and complex operations, most floor plan workers did not have access to computers and were resistant to digitization of the factory operations.

In striving to sustain the high standards demanded by regulatory bodies and customers, the manufacturer faced the following challenges:

  • Management of onboarding of staff to ensure uniformity of all processes, proper documentation and transparency to meet the demands of the regulatory bodies.
  • Management of complex training processes for machine operation, ensuring training is conducted by approved and certified coaches following the same training procedures for each specific segment of machine operation.
  • The regulatory bodies require double authentication to confirm certain training procedures have been completed, such as reading protocols or performing e-lessons – however many employees did not have computer desktop stations or smart phones.
  • The organisation must have a minimum number of certified users in key positions. Much time and resources were being wasted in attempts to monitor whether employees’ certifications were out of date and overdue, and to plan training programs according to the various dates.
  • Lack of a user-friendly cross-platform environment accessible to customers interested in learning more about using the products manufactured by the company.
  • Training coordinators did not have access to tools that could enable them to properly register, administer, train, certify and monitor all trainees.
  • Lack of a central, comprehensive repository for all types of content, enabling instructors as well as trainees to access and leverage the wealth of available content.
  • Detailed monitoring of every stage of training and certification was needed to enable instructors and trainees to quickly locate knowledge gaps and take steps to close them as soon as possible.
  • There was a need to develop a fully branded training and engagement portal for customers that accommodates the corporate identity of the company, and to support the enrollment, management and monitoring of all training and certification programs in the use of the manufacturer’s products.

The manufacturer was seeking a comprehensive, centralized solution to cover a range of content, learning and training activities: monitoring and control of remote learning centers, the support of content creation and publishing, the ability to integrate advanced learning aids (such as live classes), a centralized and accessible repository of all published content, and a smart certification plan. All these would assure that workers and customers using the products are fully trained and qualified.

The Solution

The global manufacturer has been working with Blossom’s Training Platform for the past four years, serving thousands of technicians and customers in dozens of countries, providing more than 100 training and certification programs, and relying on the platform to instruct and certify its worldwide support teams and customers.

Leveraging Blossom’s Knowledge, Learning & Training modules, the manufacturer’s staff are well trained and appropriately certified to drive the business forward. Critically, the customer training and certification programs for use of the manufacturer’s products helps boost customer satisfaction and retention, by providing more options for them to benefit from the products already purchased.

Efficiently Administering Customers’ Training and Certification Process

The manufacturer’s executives, managers, training administrators, technicians and customers are all leveraging Blossom’s platform to manage and monitor all stages of the training and certification processes.

The platform’s advanced learning and training modules are designed to enable the simple and immediate management of the enterprise’s training environments. This includes easy and intuitive access to relevant knowledge, for instructors, trainees and administrators, wherever they are located and at any time.

The platform’s streamlined accessibility enables workforce members to access digitized training assignments from kiosks or any other desktop computer without the need to login.

Supporting a Clear, Current Analysis of Users’ Knowledge Gaps

The manufacturer is a world leader in its field, and it relies on the satisfaction of its products’ end users to take the business forward. Ensuring that all customers are well trained, certified and can maximise their use and benefits from the product is a key factor for success. Blossom’s platform facilitates this process by providing customers and account managers with real-time information about the knowledge users should acquire to streamline their workforce and support business growth.

The cutting-edge reporting mechanism also allows account managers and executives to easily trace their users’ certification path and provides a modern and easy-to-use platform that fits their daily learning requirements.

Effectively Managing Training Programs via a Fully Branded Corporate Training Portal

The manufacturer used Blossom’s open APIs to create a fully branded training portal. Via the portal, all trainees, instructors and managers can easily see what courses should be completed within a pre-defined training programme and receive the latest status of their certification process. Accessible and user friendly, the portal interface is designed to fulfil all corporate identity requirements of the various customers.