The World of Learning Conference: Our key takeaways 

October 16, 2023

Discover the key highlights from the World of Learning Conference, 2023, in Birmingham, UK. Gain insights from top L&D experts and industry professionals as they discuss common themes and challenges faced by L&D leaders.

Read our top five takeaways from the World of Learning Conference, 2023, in Birmingham, UK

We’ve just returned from the World of Learning Conference and Exhibition held at Birmingham’s NEC. And what an event!

The two-day conference brought together leading learning and development (L&D) experts, brands, and professionals from the L&D community all under one huge roof.

The event was filled with exciting and active discussions about digital transformation and integration, coaching, skill-building, and the endless possibilities AI might bring to the landscape of L&D.

We had a booth at the exhibition, where we presented Blossom and illustrated how the Learning Transformation Platform functions in real-life scenarios. We had a direct opportunity to showcase the product’s features, benefits, and relevance to the specific needs and challenges faced by L&D professionals.

As well as the free-to-attend exhibition bringing together leading L&D businesses showcasing their products, the event also had a top-quality conference program that allowed delegates to hear the latest developments from industry experts. 

What were the common themes and challenges affecting L&D leaders?

Accessible learning

Many traditional LMS platforms use technology that is restrictive rather than enabling. For deskless workers in sectors like manufacturing and retail, flexible learning is a must.  Employees must have access to L&D programs at their convenience. 

Organizations told us they need simplified sign-on, easy access, and seamless integration with usual portals that help promote faster training completion and manager approvals–particularly beneficial for compliance training in remote and hybrid work environments.

AI for L&D

As L&D leaders increasingly recognize the role of AI in talent management, integrating personalized learning will become a cornerstone of effective workforce development strategies. 

The ability to align skills with occupational requirements using AI is seen as a strategic advantage for companies striving to build resilient and adaptable teams. This shift promises not only to reshape how we approach skills training but also how we create a more agile and future-ready workforce.

Democratized learning

The collaborative essence of democratized learning continues to take centre stage. In fact, we’ve just written a blog post about this very topic!

The importance of shared knowledge and experiences within the learning environment transforms traditional training into a dynamic, interactive process where learners engage with each other, share insights, and work together to upskill or reskill.

We listened to L&D leaders explain how they want to help employees manage their learning. The future involves offering employees new ways to learn, such as social learning while promoting continuous learning to enhance personal and professional growth.


Organizations need to break free from rigid structures. Customization in L&D is crucial because it lets organizations create training that fits their employees’ specific needs, making learning more exciting and relevant–improving engagement and performance. 

The future of L&D needs an all-in-one approach that combines AI technology, teamwork in learning, and tailored options, just like Blossom. This approach empowers people and organizations to scale and constantly adapt to changing priorities.

Management buy-in

We heard L&D teams grapple with management buy-in while simultaneously reshaping the future workforce development.

Struggling with management buy-in can hinder an L&D strategy by limiting opportunities for employee development. Businesses were telling us that without support from management, it’s challenging to secure the necessary resources and commitment needed for successful learning programs. Ultimately, this can affect organizational growth and create a skilled and adaptable workforce.

Moving forward, businesses that use real-time information to make intelligent decisions, assess progress with greater precision, and understand how learning impacts business results are becoming key features of modern and forward-thinking approaches to L&D–and quite rightly so.

Keep pace with L&D developments

Our key takeaways were echoed in conversations from other sessions. Organizations must do more of what works for maximum impact. However, as learning methods and technologies constantly change, keeping pace with the latest L&D advancements remains challenging.

Nonetheless, we left the World of Learning event feeling inspired. The collective enthusiasm, shared insights, and dedication to L&D reinforce our commitment to helping organizations create a culture of continuous growth. If you’re facing any of the challenges highlighted here, why not find out how Blossom can help you deliver a successful L&D strategy? Schedule a demo to speak with one of our experts.